Real Estate Services

Quality, trained, experienced agents prepared to listen and meet your needs. Coppermine understands this is both a financial investment and a home.

Step 1: Listen. You either know exactly what you want or need guidance. Either way we start our search by listening to you.

Step 2: We work as a team hunting for the home that best fits you. Do we set you up on an auto search can call it a day? No! We talk. We network. We knock on doors. We hunt.

Step 3: We analyze the market and negotiate for your home. When you win, we win.

Step 4, 5, 6...: All steps necessary to get to settlement (varies): Once we win the contract, we have more work to do. You are not left on your own to navigate the requirements of the home buying process. Inspections, negotiations, warranties, insurance – we will guide you the entire way.

Final Step: We meet at settlement to review the final documents with a third party and you receive the keys to your castle.

Let's Get Started!

Selling your property may seem like a daunting task and you may ask yourself, where do I begin? You start by calling Coppermine Realty. Our premium, knowledgeable, experienced agents will walk you through the process start to finish, prep to settlement.

Coppermine Realty offers both full and limited service options. If you want us to take care of you and the entire transaction, then you’ll want to explore our full service package. If you want to give it a go as a For Sale By Owner then you’ll be interested in our Limited Service option.

Full Service:

Setting the price: Local market experience and knowledge will prove to be a great asset. Coppermine agents are trained to research the market and provide statistical real estate facts that will guide you to the optimal list price. The expertise will result in your home selling quickly and for the most amount of money.

Prepping: Coppermine agents are experienced listing agents and know what it takes to get a home sold. We are armed with a list of tried and true vendors that will assist you in getting the property list ready. When the t’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted we will employ a professional photographer to shoot the property.

Marketing: A hybrid of old and new are married at Coppermine Realty. An aggressive approach to creative print and web marketing will highlight your property on every relevant canvas.

Offer/contract/negotiations: Negotiation is an art. With forward thinkers and a direct approach, you can be rest assured that you have the right agent on your team. We fight to keep you comfortable with money in your pocket.

From your initial encounter with your Coppermine agent to your final congratulatory handshake, you will be cared for by only the best.

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Limited Service/For Sale by Owner:

Want to sell your home on your own? We can help with that too! Coppermine Realty charges a one time fee of $599.00 for a six-month listing period. The package details are below:

  • Maximum exposure – Posted in MLS used for Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.
  • Syndication – Your listing will be syndicated to over 100 additional sites, including, Redfin,, and Trulia.
  • 30 photos, the maximum allowed through our MLS
  • Large “For Sale” sign installed

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Coppermine Realty is prepared to assist our commercial clients with buying, selling, or leasing commercial property. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell industrial, office, or retail space, our premium, knowledgeable, experienced agents will facilitate the process start to finish.

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