Karen Walther



About Me

Real Estate has been my career and passion for the past 29 years.  As a Compliance Auditor and Property Manager I’ve had the privilege and honor to assist families and seniors find affordable, decent and safe homes.  As I turn the corner, becoming a Realtor was a logical career advancement for me, which has allowed me to continue my passion for helping those make their dreams come true.

On a personal level I’m no stranger to moving.  As a US Army Vet and then an Army wife, I’ve experienced a number of moves in my lifetime.  My military experience has instilled in me honesty, integrity and attention to detail, all qualities that have served me well in my life.

In my down time you may find me spending time with my children and grandchildren, they are my fire and keep me young and moving, or I may be kayaking on the Occoquan on those warm Virginia days.

In short, I bring my many years of housing professional experience, skills, compassion, passion and need to help others, to the table to serve you with all your real estate needs.