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Coppermine Realty believes that taking care of our agents results in more business, happier clients, and a more positive work-life balance. We happily provide comfortable commission percentages, support, and a fun atmosphere. We want to see you succeed in real estate and are prepared to offer tools that will help you meet your goals.

Is Coppermine Realty the right fit for you? Answer the following questions to find out:

Are you passionate about assisting your buyers in finding the right home for them? If you treat your buyers’ wants and needs as if they are your own, and work vigorously to help and protect the client beyond settlement, then Coppermine Realty is a great fit.

Are you aggressive and excited to take on new listings, always keeping in mind and being sensitive to the emotional stressors of the owner? If you take on new listings with a positive and pro-active approach, then Coppermine Realty would love to be your home.

Do you pride yourself on attention to detail and thorough and complete contracts? Coppermine Realty is a brand offering to consumers the best of the best in our industry. Paperwork is a large part of what we do and it’s essential to our clients’ success that we do it well. If you take contracts and our code of ethics seriously then please call Coppermine today.

Do you desire a platform that will allow you to execute new, innovative ideas? Do you desire a platform where you can speak freely about your wishes for your business? Coppermine Realty wants agents who are creative and who are excited to share their thoughts on how to improve the industry for the consumer and the agents on our team that make it all possible.

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