Jacqueline Santana

Real Estate Consultant & USN Veteran


About Me

When I start working with a new client or investor, I always ask the same question: what does your dream home (or investment) look like? This question, of course, means something different to everyone. To home buyers, it connects back to how they envision their lives. Sellers think of what they would like to achieve once they move out of their current home. To investors, it means security, freedom, and everything else that comes with making a wise investment. Once I get an idea of what my client needs – and make no mistake, my clients' needs are always my first concern – I can put my expertise and support team to work.

Dubbed, #YourHomeGirlRealtor, I have built my reputation on providing first-class client care with the highest ethical standards and quality service. From the research that I do for you to the transaction I oversee to the negotiations I handle (and I do handle them!), I am there for you every step of the way, ensuring that your real estate experience is a positive one. I work on the cutting edge when it comes to tech and other real estate resources, but don't worry: all of that is going on in the background, and I keep everything simple and straightforward for you.

I have served in my current role since 2017, and prior to that I worked in marketing, advertising, public affairs, and account management, among other fields. I am truly a jack-of-all-trades with a knack for finding a needle in a haystack; every problem has a solution if you explore the possibilities. I hold both my Virginia Real Estate License and my Virginia Public Notary, and I am a proud US Navy Veteran with a bachelor degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master degree in Project Management from Boston University.

When you partner with me, know you're receiving access and expertise from a dedicated team that provides buyer and seller comprehensive solutions and move transactions to close quickly and with efficiency. Need some help getting started? Email me at jacqueline@copperminerealty.com and let’s discuss your real estate needs.