About Me

Originally from Northern Virginia, I know these communities and neighborhoods the way only a native can. I spent eighteen thrilling years as an international flight attendant, honing my customer service skills, perfecting the art of remaining calm under pressure, and developing a knack for anticipating the needs of my clients, all while wearing heels at 33,000 feet!

Now permanently on solid ground, I have found those skills to be invaluable in my Real Estate career. I pride myself in protecting the interests of my client with commitment and tenacity…and it turns out that I’m a very savvy negotiator!

I am devoted to my career, staying on top of the current trends, the latest technology, and the most profitable marketing strategies. I practice real estate with honesty, integrity, energy, and hard work. I am passionate about the needs and goals of my clients and specialize in giving my clients confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process of buying or selling their home.


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